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by GNUday
04 Jan 2014 08:26
Forum: Newbie Questions
Topic: [SOLVED] Moving home to a separate HDD/partition
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[SOLVED] Moving home to a separate HDD/partition

I wasn't sure where to ask this admins so feel free to move it. If you read this post you will better understand my predicament, I don't want the second SSD sitting idle, they're not cheap and it's a waste for it to do nothing, if anything, I want them to wear evenly. I installed SolydK on sda1, I w...
by GNUday
03 Jan 2014 21:15
Forum: Installation
Topic: 'fake'/hardware Raid question...
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'fake'/hardware Raid question...

I currently have Debian testing installed on my dual SSD SATA Raid 0 (2x120GB, Intel ICH10R controller) using this solution , my question it currently possible to install SolydK to my Raid somehow or is there a chance this type of installer capability may be added at some point in the future...

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