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Forum Topic Menu Structure

Postby odo5435 » 11 Sep 2013 14:59

Remember the KISS principle?

There are several topics in these forums that seem redundant or at the very least overlapping. "Non-technical' (the one we're in now) in the Support sub-menu, 'General Discussion' in Community and the three non-introduction topics in the Chat sub-menu come to mind. Also, the 'Open Projects' topic under Community might be better located in the Development Menu IMHO.

I would hate to see these forums end up the nightnare that has become the LinuxMint menu structure with its sub-menus, sub-sub-menus and sub-sub-sub-menus. Trying to find the right topic to post under in that forum can sometimes take as long as solving the problem and the admins are constantly moving threads to (what they consider) the right topic.

While SolydXF is still young why mot make it as easy as possible for people to find information and assistance?

This site's administrators probably had very good reasons for setting up this forum the way it is but, in all humility, I would like to offer the following structure as a suggestion.

- Releases & Anouncements
- SolydXK and forum information
- (Upgrade News about SolydXK Production )
- (Upgrade News about SolydXK Testing ) Do we really need 4 Topics here?
- (Upgrade News about Debian Testing )
- (Upgrade News about Debian Sid )

- Newbie Questions
- Tutorials (Could these be re-directed to the sub=sub-heading on the home page? It seems redundant)
- Installation Problems
- Hardware Specific Problems/Questions
- Software Specific Problems/Questions
- Networking Problems/Questions
- (SolydX (Xfce) Specific ) Could not these also be handled in the above headings by posters being
- (SolydK (KDE) Specific ) instructed to identify their installation in the body of their post?
- SolydK Back Office Problems/Questions

- Introduce Yourself
- Chat About SolydXK
- Chat About Other Distributions
- Open Chat
- (Community Packages Proposals )
- (Community Package Requests ) Could these three be combined?
- (Suggestions and Ideas )

CUSTOMISATIONS (These sub-headings could also be located under the 'Community' banner)
- Share Your Custom Tweaks
- Show Your Desktop Including Conky, Other Docks and Widgets

- Open Projects
- Code
- Bug Control
- Artwork

- Translation Requests or Offers
- Español
- Français
- Deutsch
- Others as required

Take this idea as you will. I'm not suggesting mine is the best structure possible. There are surely other members out there who have their own ideas and you are welcome to make changes or suggestions as you will. Bear in mind however, it is the Admins who have the final say.

Let me add that I've no idea how difficult it might be to make these changes and it's a given that the Admins are flat out with development and problem solving issues. But it must certainly be easier to implement these changes now rather than later.

In closing permit me to repeat my opening. Remember the KISS principle.

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."
Lily Tomlin

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Re: Forum Topic Menu Structure

Postby Crewp » 12 Sep 2013 00:40

Well thought out, I like it. :D

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