Getting better all the time

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Getting better all the time

Postby WayneB » 18 Oct 2017 01:59

Originally, back in May 2017, I posted some discovered bugs in SolydXK in regard to the ability to play Facebook games. I was able to solve the problem with a work-around which I posted and marked the post as "Solved." See ... neb#p64869

I then moved on to Manjaro, Antergos, Arch, Gentoo, Ubuntu Studio, Linux KDE and now back again to SolydXK, this time using KDE vs XFCE.

The problem with running Facebook games has been solved and it now works out of the box. In fact, I can no longer find any flaw at all in SolydXK. Previously an KFCE user, I've grown to get used to and love KDE. Aside from that, the latest version does indeed work out of the box. There is no issue playing Facebook games, Amazon Prime videos or Netflix. Thank you developers.

-Wayne Boyd

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