New Clothes for the emperor

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New Clothes for the emperor

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 04 Feb 2016 09:38

It has been over three years since we started and even a distribution would like to have something new to wear once in a while. With the input of the community and friends I've updated the looks of our logos. Theming has been changed in line with the new logos and we've also been working hard on the theming for the Enthusiast's Editions. Our main site, forum, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts also reflect these changes.

I especially want to thank Grizzler, who has given me the support I needed and for making those marvelous Enthusiast's Editions.

The localized versions will follow later and I will post the release of those ISOs separately.

Here are some screen prints:
You might also notice that there's something different with the Live Installer. I've recently completed the conversion from Python2.7/Gtk to Python3/Gtk+. You will find some minor changes in the GUI but under the hood it's a totally different beast. I'd like to invite everybody to help me improve the code:

We hope you are going to enjoy these new editions and that you like the new clothes of the emperor.

Go, get the ISOs here:

P.S.: if you're updating your system you may want to change the desktop wallpaper and start menu logo to the new flat design. Of course, you don't have to: the old desktop and logo are still available.

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