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Updated ISOs 201801-2

Posted: 29 Jan 2018 17:20
by Arjen Balfoort
Recently, a user on Facebook reported excessive memory use on SolydX. This was caused by the ClamAV Daemon. SolydK does not have the daemon installed and thus SolydK used less RAM than SolydX which of course, is not exactly as advertised.

In these new SolydX ISO (version 201801-2) the ClamAV daemon was removed but you don’t need to download and install this ISO if you already have SolydX installed. You can simply run this command in terminal:

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apt purge clamav-daemon clamdscan
You can check your memory usage with the command (look for “used”):

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free -m
The Live Installer behaved unpredictable in VirtualBox. It was possible that the Live Installer crashed python and X (that’s bad :(). The installer doesn’t load and no errors were shown.

All new ISOs have the updated Live Installer. If you already downloaded the ISO and you encounter this issue, you can install the latest Live Installer during a live session with the following command:

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apt update; apt install live-installer-3