SolydX RPi3 64-bit 201903 release

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SolydX RPi3 64-bit 201903 release

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 20 Mar 2019 19:15

This image has been fully updated and many bugs have been resolved. Still, SolydX RPi3 64-bit is following Debian buster and as this is current testing it will have some bugs that need attention.

Firefox ESR has been replaced with Chromium because of a known bug which causes Firefox ESR to segfault. All default privacy extensions were removed because the RPi3 has very limited memory. Some extensions are using too much memory causing system freezes.

You can download the image and get the instructions on how to write the image to SD from the Community Editions page of our site:

I hope you enjoy this new edition of SolydX RPi3 64-bit!

Source: ... 03-release

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Re: SolydX RPi3 64-bit 201903 release

Postby peterbilt » 02 Apr 2019 00:45

Thank you for the new release of SolydX RPi3. Tried the previous versions with little success, the only semi-workable one was 2018.07 though 2018.03 and 2018.05 had boot issues. Running on my RPi3 with a 32Gb sd card burned on Win7 with Balena Etcher. I will keep using this for learning XFCE and more about Linux in general. Thank you again for your work on this release. :clap:

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