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NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 31 Mar 2019 09:51
by Arjen Balfoort
I've been using NordVPN for a while now but on Linux it wasn't always easy to select the fastest server. Fortunately, NordVPN created the NordVPN for Linux application. Yes, it is closed source and I asked them to reconsider. They answered but, as I expected, they are not going to release it under a GPL license. I can understand why: the application comes with a data file and I suspect it is filled with corporation sensitive information of the available servers. If you don't like closed source on your computer, this is not for you and there are other ways to connect to a NordVPN server.

If you like the convenience of automatically connecting to the fastest NordVPN server, then I would recommend using this application. The application is a terminal application which is fine. However, in a graphical environment, there is no indication that you are connected to or worse, disconnected from, a NordVPN server. So, I created a script for my own use. I've been using it for a while now and I'm very happy with it.

I decided to package it in case there are people who use NordVPN and the Linux application. You can install it with this command:

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apt install nordvpn-indicator
The source is available here:
If you'd like to help translating:

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 31 Mar 2019 20:29
by nuts2u
I also have been a NordVPN user for quite sometime. This app you've created is really, really good. Thank you very much for creating this much needed app.

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 01 Apr 2019 16:48
by ilu
Just always remember that by using a VPN you have to trust the vpn provider and the government that reigns him instead of your local internet provider and the government that reigns him. It's a trade-off and whether thats good or bad depends on your local situation.

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 01 Apr 2019 18:19
by nuts2u
This is why I chose NordVPN as my vpn provider. They are based in Panama, so they are not accountable to the Five Eye countries. They keep no logs. I am not doing anything illegal, but I do not want the NSA,CIA, or Lord knows what other US Government agency spying/snooping on my Internet traffic. Even if they were to serve Nordvpn with a court order (which is impossible because the US courts have no jurisdiction in Panama or if a Panama court were to order release of Nordvpn's log files, they would be empty because Nord Does Not Log any traffic. My renewal is coming up in May and I'll be renewing then. Nord'd linux native app is really good plus Arjen's script/app is the frosting on the cake.

Again...Thank you to Arjen for creating and releasing his indicator app.

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 08 May 2019 20:00
by tadream
NordVPN Indicator is something I've long been looking for, thank you!

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 14 May 2019 10:00
by eric65
I am using PureVPN can you please create a similar script for this app too?

Re: NordVPN Indicator

Posted: 14 May 2019 18:19
by Arjen Balfoort
I'm sorry but that's simply too much work.
I created this indicator because I am a NordVPN user.