Home Server Questions

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Home Server Questions

Postby protocol77 » 23 Aug 2013 04:24

hi there i just came across your distro today after posting a question in the linux mint forums about their LMDE and a reply referred me to you

i have since installed SolydX on a virtualbox machine and it works great i am thinking of installing it on my Home Server

the main purposes of this will be to server files (Samba) and to run a small mysql database for me media center (xbmc) and some usenet downloading with sabnzbd

i would like to ask a few questions

1. would you recommend solydx for a home server use (i am new so need something with a GUI until i learn more CLI)

2. with having more regular updates than LMDE do i have to reboot the machine after the updates like in windows ( i had an update just before and all my fonts went weird i had to restart to correct them)

3. is solydx essentially debian with a better GUI and a few tweaks and packages I am looking for a Stable Distro that i dont have to keep manually logging into and updating then rebooting like my windows server constantly does)

4. do the updates have to run manually or are they scheduled to auto-update

5. i have WD green drives (i intend to replace with reds when these die) is there any compatibility issues with these one is GPT drive rest are NTFS will they automount and will i have any load-cycle count issues (i have changed intellipark from 8 secs to 5 mins using wdidle3.iso not sure if i should have disabled though instead)

i probably have more questions but cannot think of them at this moment but basically i just want to know if solydx is a good idea for a home server

thank you for your replies in advance

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Re: Home Server Questions

Postby EldreThe » 23 Aug 2013 17:18

Hello protocol77, welcome to the forums.

I'm just going to jump in and try to answer your questions to my best ability.

1) SolydX is a viable option for a home server.
2) The machine does not need to be rebooted after every update, but there are certain updates that will require reboots. For example, linux-kernel updates require restarts. But most dont.
3) SolydXK is very similar to Debian in most regards, with a few major differences. SolydXK is not philosophically opposed to proprietary software/drivers, provides a stable environment based on Debian testing (i.e. don't have to worry about conflicting packages),
4) Updates will be checked regularly, but they must be installed manually. (Technically, you could get around this with a script)
5) SolydX will work with GPT partition tables with NTFS partitions.
5a) Automounting drives is possible by adding the "auto" parameter to the partition listing in FSTAB.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a starting point. =)
Best Regards

Eldre, The

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Re: Home Server Questions

Postby Deleted User 2763 » 23 Aug 2013 17:43

and this might help Simple Samba Server Configuration

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Re: Home Server Questions

Postby wisemagic » 23 Aug 2013 18:24

Since SolydXK is Debian based, setting up a server shouldn't be a problem.

Try running:

sudo tasksel

in a terminal.

tasksel should be installed by default, if not you can install it thru synaptic or

sudo apt-get install tasksel

in terminal.

You may want to test in VirtualBox first.

Webmin is also a nice addition for configuration. :D
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Arjen Balfoort
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Re: Home Server Questions

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 24 Aug 2013 11:31

I'm starting up a SolydX Server project: http://forums.solydxk.nl/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=814
I'd appreciate all your input!

SolydXK needs you!
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Re: Home Server Questions

Postby Zill » 24 Aug 2013 16:52

protocol77: I understand why you want a GUI at this stage of your Linux knowledge but I suggest that, if the machine will only run as a server, then there is no need for a GUI long-term. GUIs add a lot of unnecessary bloat to a server installation, and therefore require more updates to keep on top of all the security bugs within GUI packages.

By just running a CLI-only system, you remove the need for all these updates and also ensure the best performance from the machine as its resources are not wasted on a GUI.

So, I suggest that you start off with a GUI to help initially but then learn how to do all the necessary server tasks by just using the CLI. When you are confident you know enough to do this you can then drop the GUI and watch the server fly. :)

As some of the advantages of SolydX over pure Debian are around the GUI features I suggest that SolydX is certainly a good place to start. When you eventually run a CLI server you could then remove the XFCE desktop environment leaving, more or less, a Debian system.
protocol77 wrote:...4. do the updates have to run manually or are they scheduled to auto-update ...
Although possible, it is generally recommended not to auto-update. This is because it is always best to see exactly what is happening during update/upgrade, especially if packages are going to be removed! This is particularly important with servers where if you break it then you end up with lots of unhappy users. ;-)

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