New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

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New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

Postby monduconstruct » 18 Oct 2013 16:55


I'm a new user and have been enjoying SolydK so far. I've always been a Windows gamer, and really enjoy titles like Borderlands, Skyrim, Fallout, Torchlight, Bastion, etc. I see SolydK comes with Steam and Play on Linux pre-installed. Thus far I'm pretty confused how to actually install a game through/with Play on Linux, but before I go down that road I wanted to ask for some general opinions .... Am I better off just indefinitely dual-booting with Win 7 for gaming? Do WINE or PoL actually work without days of tweaking? Any input would be very welcome. Are there any good guides? For example, I'd really love to install Borderlands 1 off of Steam (which I bought for Windows already) and play. It would be so cool to not have to switch OS's.......


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Re: New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

Postby EldreThe » 18 Oct 2013 23:17

It really depends on your graphics card to be honest. I dual boot for gaming because I could not achieve satisfactory fps ingame with WINE, even with proprietary ATI drivers. (edit: however, I could run DOTA2 well, 150+ fps. Perhaps it was WINE as the problem, not ATI) Will probably end up trying again when the next version of Catalyst is released.

Here are my recommendations.
1) Use to check which games you want to play. See what people said about the bugs, and scroll to the bottom of the page and see if there are any install instructions.
2) Check for information about Steam games that run natively on Linux.
3) Install the proprietary driver using DDM or smxi.
4) Use PlayOnLinux to update to the newest version of WINE.
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Re: New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

Postby Orbmiser » 19 Oct 2013 01:47

Yep finding dual boot resolves all seen and un-seen future issues down the road.
Then there is the questions of New games for windows that will never see linux or ported to linux.

Seems I see a lot of time & efforts every time there is a kernel upgrade or spending time upgrading or fixing graphics proprietary drivers. Or much searching getting their game running thru wine on linux. When they could actually be gaming.

So for me dual-boot is optimal for me.
As also if for some reason the system gets borked then can still boot into something.

Also for many there is that program or two that they need to use.
That is also not supported in wine or a decent linux equivalent.

If I was more concerned with having a pure linux system and had emotional hate towards microsoft and windows.
Then I would probably jump thru all those hoops to get games working.

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Re: New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

Postby monduconstruct » 19 Oct 2013 03:31

Thank you both for your comments and input. In terms of graphics cards, I have an EVGA GTX660, which isn't cutting edge, but is pretty good IMHO.

I am tempted to try out a game made for linux, like the new one that just came out Dark Matter.

Boy I would love to be able to play Borderlands in SolydK though. Wish there was a tutorial. I've read in the WineHQ list that some have gotten it to work great, I'm not even sure how on earth to install it from Steam... yikes.

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Re: New user looking for opinion on reality of gaming ....

Postby not found » 19 Oct 2013 08:37

I have been in and out of Windows for some years now because of gaming... as it stands gaming for Linux has never been better and is just getting more awesome by the day.

There will most probably always be games made for Windows that just doesn't work or work well enough in Wine. If you run into one that is a must play then you have little choice but to have Windows. On the other hand there are so many games working natively now and so many resources at your disposal for making things work under Linux that I have made the switch now (and yes, I had to give up one or two games I really enjoyed... then again I have ten others I also really enjoy that work and I only have that much time).

I like to use Crossover ( because it makes Wine very easy and I got to support the devs that make Wine a reality. (FYI Borderland gets a silver rating in Crossover, have a look at ... 27;forum=1 for some tips and tricks to get things to work that might not if you do try and use POL or Wine directly).

Install Play on Linux (POL) and run the app, you will see it is very easy to install Windows apps and as has been mentioned check out the game in WineHQ for more tips and tricks.

And there are so many native games too now via Steam, Desura and other methods, it is great :D


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