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no caching mode page present

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 11:21
by red
i have a dual boot with kubuntu on an external hdd. how to solve this problem? install again? if yes what to do to avoid a problem like this? kubuntu it's ok.

Re: no caching mode page present

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 16:47
by zerozero
hi red
there is nothing to fix, it's the normal information that the kernel is sending you.

let's see:
do you have a usb-drive, sd-card attached to the computer at boot?
if you do this is normal behaviour;

you see, regular HDD have an onboard memory that acts as buffer for optimization; that memory is not present is in usb-drives and sd-cards.

one of the things the kernel checks is the existence of that memory to define the way it should communicate with those devices;

usually you should see a second message

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assuming drive cache. write through
the kernel defined the method it is going to use to write to that/those devices.
reference ... ming-drive

Re: no caching mode page present

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 14:28
by red
thank you for the answer! i do not have any sd or usb but as i said i' m using an external hdd. what i need to know is if i can use the system without problems with no caching mode.
another problem is if it's possible to install solydk on a hdd where i have 2 other systems. the partitions on the hdd are like this: ubuntu/kubuntu/swap/and then 80 gb free. install on this free partition as it is?
now i've installed clementine but don't work because gstreamer is missing and skype has a very bad sound. next iso should have from the beginning gstreamer and something for skype to work normal because these two are not some exotic programs.
if the next 10 programs i need don't work.......