How to "theme" terminal / Yakuake?

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How to "theme" terminal / Yakuake?

Postby Oxonsi » 14 Jul 2015 18:52

I have seen terminals that have a semi-transparent background with say green text, and I'd like to get that effect in SolydK. How can I do that? Right now, it is white back ground with dark text.

I installed Yakuake, the drop-down terminal, and I'd like to achieve that effect with it also if possible. I'd also like to add a clickable button at the top of the screen that will activate the Yakuake drop-down (in addition to the keyboard shortcut).

Any info? Thanks!

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Re: How to "theme" terminal / Yakuake?

Postby freedom » 23 Aug 2015 16:41

Right click inside Yakuake window > Edit current profile
In Apperiance choose color scheme you like
Then click Edit on the right side of the color list
On next window at the bottom you have Background transparency
Set it on 10 or 20 %
More than 20 can disturb later work on terminal if you have something behind Yakuake terminal other than default desktop background :mrgreen:

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