Mysterius deletion of an .odt document - Recovery?

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Mysterius deletion of an .odt document - Recovery?

Postby Lyon » 13 Jul 2018 20:57

Hello all! I am new.
Many thanks for SolydX, it is a great distribution!

A problem urges me. I have been working all day with a live distribution of SolydX.
I have been writing an important text (on an .odt,) with a lot of concentrated work.
I have been saving the file on /home/solydxk/Documents.

So in the evening, I needed a little rest and use the Internet.
I made (like a zombi) my automated process to save my work: copy/paste on a pendrive, supposedly "killing" the previous version of the files (a couple of copies) in a pendrive.
I used "Delete" to erase the file on Documents, because I wanted to access Internet.

Later, I found only the previous versions in the pen.
I used Catfish to search... fruitlessly.

I am wondering if I could recover the work, at least partially, somehow.
My questions are:

1. If there is a way to "recover" the work from the RAM (I "cleared" the history, I suppose not).

2. What is the best program of recovery with SolydX, so I can try a recovery on the pendrive.
- Please, and the command to install it...

Many thanks for all.

Lyon :facepalm:

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Re: Mysterius deletion of an .odt document - Recovery?

Postby bas_otten » 14 Jul 2018 14:28

If you 'just' deleted the file from the Filemanager (as opposed to using rm from the commandline), please check the Trash first: your document might be easily recoverable from there. Edit: I see you used a Live session, so this is no option;-)
If not, you could use the (preinstalled) 'testdisk' utility on the pendrive. Insert it, then start a Terminal and type 'sudo testdisk'.
Select any logging option, then the device, partition type, Advanced: filesystem utils.

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