TeamViewer or another?

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TeamViewer or another?

Postby jsvenancio » 23 Mar 2019 22:53

Boa noite.

Estou em França e tenho um amigo em Portugal que precisa de ajuda na istalação do SolydX. Aconcelham a usar o TeamViewer ou outra aplicação?

Preciso de algo que funcione mesmo durante a instalação.

Good night.

I am in France and I have a friend in Portugal who needs help in the SoltalX installation. Do you agree to use TeamViewer or another application?

I need something that works even during the installation.
SolydX - 64bts - Debian

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Re: TeamViewer or another?

Postby xendistar » 24 Mar 2019 16:10

I can not see that TeamViewer will help with the install of SolydX on to our friends PC, you need the operating system to be installed before you can install Teamviewer.

If your friend has a 2nd PC\Laptop with a web cam you could install Teamviewer onto that PC\Laptop so that you can see the web cam which you would pointed at the screen of the PC you are installing SolydX on.

As far as I known you would need to have the OS installed on your friends PC before you can install and access any sort of remote desktop to your friends PC.

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Re: TeamViewer or another?

Postby kirmonkey » 28 Apr 2019 20:47

In theory it should work. It'd be a case of downloading and installing Teamviewer in the live session and then controlling the install on your friends computer via Teamviewer.

I've never done this myself, but I do/have:

- Use Teamviewer regularly
- Have installed (other) software into a live session when testing compatibility before an install

Hope this helps.


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