How to undo read-only filesystem?

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How to undo read-only filesystem?

Postby tantrik » 03 Aug 2019 05:31

Dear users,

I have been using solydx (latest version) for the past few weeks without facing any major issues until yesterday. The problem is that whenever I attempt to copy, cut or paste any file (text, video etc) the file managers I use (spacefm, pcmanfm-qt) would show a notification "the files are read-only, read-only filesystem". Similar notification I will get if I want to edit a text file and try to save it or open a blank file and save it as a text (*.txt) file (in this case the notification will be "the file *.txt does not exist" and the new text file will not be created). I cannot perform any operation to any file in that directory where this is happening. This does not happen in windows 8.1 which is now I am using because of such problems in solydx.

Can someone please shed some light in this issue because I have no idea how to overcome this awkward problem. Thanks in advance

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Re: How to undo read-only filesystem?

Postby ilu » 03 Aug 2019 21:19

Linux mounts filesystems as "read-only" if they are corrupt or in danger of going corrupt. This is a safety measure to prevent further damage. Windows is not as sensitive. The cause might be either a hardware or a software problem. So:

1. Backup your data (always a good idea)!
2. To know why Linux thinks there is a problem with the filesystem we need more information. Does the problem happen everywhere or only in certain directories/filesystems?
3. Please copy and post the content of /etc/fstab. And the terminal output of

Code: Select all

sudo fdisk -l
dmesg |grep ERR
Also boot into Windows and check whether you have fast boot active - you can't on dual boot installations. Go to Control Panel → Power Options and disable Fast Startup.

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