Wobbly Windows in XFCE

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Wobbly Windows in XFCE

Postby MAYBL8 » 21 Oct 2014 14:45

Is there a way without having to use testing or SID to get wobbly windows in XFCE?
Or somekind of desktop effects?

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Re: Wobbly Windows in XFCE

Postby Snap » 21 Oct 2014 15:00

Replace the native xfce window manager for Compiz or Kwin. Kwin will bring a lot of dependencies in, but it's way more stable than Compiz. I tried Compiz many times in different systems and never worked smooth. Kwin does, but it's it's not light for a non Qt environment. better for Qt environments. Anyway, the package is kde-window-manager
This likely means that your installation is broken. -Mr Pixbuf.


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Re: Wobbly Windows in XFCE

Postby wisemagic » 23 Feb 2015 16:29

This topic should get you going in the right direction. :D

http://forums.solydxk.nl/viewtopic.php? ... win#p44446
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