Boot stall at "thinkpad_ec" controller probing?

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Boot stall at "thinkpad_ec" controller probing?

Postby Cory » 23 Oct 2014 15:38

On a Dell Latitude D810 I'm having this irritating problem since last update, and cannot find how/where to avoid or how to work around this.
What happens is that during boot the laptop is suddenly completely silent for over one minute, and then continues to be ready within only a few seconds. On a total boot time of just under two minutes, you'll understand this is a major issue ;)

Boot log messages (slightly shortened, times displayed here are approximate and differ slightly within a 2-3 seconds timeframe from boot to boot):
[] installing knfsd ...
[ 97.yyy] thinkpad_ec: no ThinkPad embedded controller!
[ 101.zzz] BlueTooth: ...

Why and where in the config (kernel module?) is this controller loading as this laptop is not a ThinkPad - hence not needed at all, I'd say?

(I'm not that much a deep-dive techy around Linux, so please be kind and bear with me - thank you!)
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