Unable to boot Solydx64_201407.iso DVD

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Unable to boot Solydx64_201407.iso DVD

Postby kghosh22 » 10 Nov 2014 03:55

After a recent UM update broke my running SolydX installation, I decided to reinstall from solydx64_201407 DVD. Although I had successfully installed the same distro earlier, I had not kept a note of the specific kernel parameters I had passed through GRUB while booting. After trying many different ways of "nomodeset" and "acpi_osi" without success, I gave up and successfully booted and installed from solydx64_201308. Then I updated, upgraded and dist-upgraded to the latest version. I am afraid to update through UM again.

I was just wondering why is it so difficult to boot up SolydX, since other distros (makulu, XUbuntu) are happy to accept nomodeset and readily install. My system uses A75MA-G55 MOBO from MSI with a four-core AMD A8-3870 APU with AMD Radeon HD6550D graphics and 8GB RAM.

Can anyone with similar specs help with the correct parameters to be added to grub while booting the live DVD?

Thankx in advance.

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