Execute Script Within Thunar

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Execute Script Within Thunar

Postby wildman » 25 Jul 2017 17:38

Starting with version 1.6.5, Thunar will no longer execute a script (with execute permission set) by double-clicking it. Instead the default action is to open the script in the default text editor. There is nothing in the right-click context menu or Thunar Preferences to change this behavior. This was done for security reasons but it can be very annoying for a Python or Perl programmer.

If you would like to revert to the previous default behavior, there is a fix. Open Settings Editor and select Thunar then click New. Enter the following and click Save...

Property: /misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default
Type: Boolean
Value: True

Restart Thunar if it is running for the change to take effect.

For those interested Thunar has other "hidden" settings...
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