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(Solved) Thunar can't handle the load

Posted: 10 Nov 2018 19:44
by troypulk
Since the last update to Thunar it gets bogged down and can't handle simple file transfers from my Android phone to my HD, the last version or two did this with no problem.

What is the next best file manager for Xfce that is like Thunar so I can install it and give it a try?


Re: Thunar can't handle the load

Posted: 11 Nov 2018 02:55
by ilu
Probably pcmanfm. Although I prefer doublecommander, but that's doublepane. Feel free to try them.

Edit: I remembered that you are still on jessie. Doublecommander has bugs on jessie, so scratch that one.

But I can't see any update directly affecting thunar. I don't think anything relevant changed there. How do you connect your phone?

Re: Thunar can't handle the load

Posted: 11 Nov 2018 19:22
by troypulk
I use jmtpfs and fusermount to disconnect.

Could there be something wrong with these?

Is there a better way to connect an android phone?


Re: Thunar can't handle the load

Posted: 11 Nov 2018 21:29
by kurotsugi
so far gvfs is the best way to handle mtp connection. AFAIK it works seamlessly with every file manager so that is a huge bonus. that being said, mtp is still a pain to working with. it is slow and buggy. if you have a wifi connection at home, I'd suggest using ftp to connect your phone. I'm using miui file manager + mi drop to manage the connection and quite happy with it.

Re: Thunar can't handle the load

Posted: 12 Nov 2018 00:52
by troypulk
I installed a few gvfs files like gvfs-backends and gvfs-bin and now after I plug in the phone these pop up:



I don't even have to mount it manually it just does it, also it transferred 10 gigs of pictures in about 7 min.

Thanks for suggesting gvfs

The funny thing is I don't remember installing gphoto2 and it doesn't appear to be a dependency for gvfs.