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<Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for password

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 15:54
by Orbmiser
Installation went great. Only confusion was during install my host computer is always named Winterfell but Solyd wouldn't allow Uppercase no biggy just confused as all other distro's allowed first letter capitalization.

Also first time I clicked on my working Ntfs partition in Dolphin it ask for password and I checked for remembering as never had to do that with others. Only hope that sticks and don't have to keep answering password for mounting my ntfs drives.

Update: Nope on reboot when clicking on ntfs partition in dolphin get the Authentication is required to mount even tho in removable devices I have it set to automount and also answered the authentication dialog with Remember Authorization check-marked.
E-Data Drive info.jpeg
E-Data Drive info.jpeg (30.25 KiB) Viewed 2396 times
Any solution as want my working partitions auto-mounted? As need this to be mounted by the time I reach desktop.
Would prefer the auto solutions that all the other's gave like Mint 15 KDE did it just fine.
Wouldn't want to have to edit fstab as all other distro's I tried didn't require it.

The two external usb's are mounted just fine. But the one sda6 internal ntfs partition E:Data will not auto-mount even tho is shows checked marked for automount in settings>external devices.

Curious as why this isn't available in Debian? Or why this is an issue?
So any help on enlightenment would be appreciated.

Re: Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for password

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 22:12
by Orbmiser
Found in Debian Forums thought to share here.

You can investigate /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.udisks.policy

Code: Select all

  <action id =”org.feedesktop.udisks.filesystem-mount-system-internal”>
    <description>Mount a system-internal device</description>

=> replace auth_admin_keep with word yes to see if it works according to your wish.

And tried it and rebooted and yep my internal ntfs is now mounted at startup and works normal in dolphin.

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 11:22
by ScottQuier
That's pretty cool.

Of course, another alternative would be to create a mount point and add an entry in /etc/fstab.

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 14:07
by Arjen Balfoort
Beware that the configuration file will be overwritten each time udisks is updated (and there is a new version in experimental which will hit testing sooner or later).
Although you don't like to edit fstab, it's still the safest way to mount a drive at bootup.

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 16:25
by Orbmiser
Thanks and yep I figured that. And remember Linux back beginning of the decade was the only way to mount partitions on startup.

Don't know why Debian doesn't have a tool or SolydK provide one. As is a non-issue in Mint KDE and most all other distros. As to me when advertising Friendly and Easy means No editing of root config files or extensive term works. And a gui click on something for the newbie.

As the removable drives shows the partition and is selected for automount which gives the impression to be mounted maybe this is a bug? As it is not a removable drive but internal partition? Or doesn't work due to the way debian approaches it?
SolydXK aims to be simple to use
Which for many linux enthusiast editing a config file is dead pan simple. For a newbie and a non-tech desktop users not that friendly or simple. For me yes simple and easy to do as I am more a tech and geek type. As was a computer engineering tech and built and service computers for many years. Before I switched to photography.

But I'm always evaluating for the non-tech the word easy and user-friendly in their context for recommending a distro. As when giving computer or photography lectures or classes in learning about. I have to always have to rethink how to present working solutions that they understand and willing to actually use in their pursuit of making better images or learning to use their computers to be more productive. And the majority will never reach the advance stages of the subject due to lack of motivation and work required and just give up.

But that is a minuscule issue. And congrats on supplying a Great Distro and am impressed of the overall polish and smoothness of this distro is. So you have my thanks and Congrats!

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 19:13
by ScottQuier
SolydXK aims to be simple to use
I have to agree - editing something like /etc/fstab is not "simple to use" and including an app that would automagically update that file at the click (or two) of a mouse button (I think the need for the root password the first time is still a good idea) does sound cool and user friendly.

  • Improving the install process to include/recognize one or more drives is in the works - this will cover a large part of this need in that an internal disk is not going to be swapped out much (if at all) after installation. And, of course, once the disk is recognized, handling the various partitions on that drive will be a repeat of what is done for the single drive recognized in the current live-installer.
  • Novice users (those that don't know their way around the inside of a computer case) are not likely to be installing additional drives.
  • Those that will be installing additional drives will likely not be intimidated by the need to edit/update the fstab file.
  • Those that pay someone to install additional disk will also, likely, look for someone who knows their way around a Linux install.
While SolydXK is not a finished product and probably never will be while it continues to evolve, I believe (looking in from the outside) that Schoelje and team have a solid (no pun intended) handle on the direction the distro is/will be moving.

Disclaimer: I do not work for SoliydXK nor am I compensated for my glowing endorsement seen above. :D :D :) :mrgreen:

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 18:14
by RalphB
NTFS config is in the repos.
I use it for my windows drives.

Re: <Solved> Working Ntfs partition in Dolphin ask for passw

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 20:31
by Orbmiser
Thanks for info as still tweaking the setup and finding out what is installed and what isn't by default.