Grub vs Mbr

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Grub vs Mbr

Postby cristy78 » 06 Sep 2013 09:40

please do not shoot if this was debated before :
- I have only Solydk running,but I need to put also Win7 for some work related stuff.
- I will make a new partition ( 50Gb) to put Win7 there.
- my main question is how to deal with Grub and MBR after win install ?
- and any other issues might rise ?

I do not want to break my Solyd install.

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Re: Grub vs Mbr

Postby ScottQuier » 06 Sep 2013 10:52

The MBR is an area at the start of a HDD wherein is written instructions that are used by the computer to find what it needs to actually boot the computer into an O/S.

Linux installs grub in the MBR, thus providing the user the means to select the O/S he/she wish to boot - the boot menu.

Windows will over-write grub to install it's own loader. This loader does not recognize anything (?) but windows O/S.

It's easier to install windows and then install your Linux distro(s) afterwards.

There are host of ways to install Linux, then windows, then re-write grub to the MBR so you can select the O/S of your choice to boot into.
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Re: Grub vs Mbr

Postby Orbmiser » 06 Sep 2013 17:20

Yep for future proof wanted to maintain the default mbr that is automatically installed to first partition.
And you should always install windows first. Makes it much easier and less workarounds.
So I always do custom partitions install and change the default grub location which is also automatically set for 1st partition.

And change that to install grub at my root sda5. But then I needed EasyBCD on windows so I could add the sda5 grub to my windows mbr loader. I set the boot order in EasyBCD to linux and timeout to 3 seconds.

Which then boots to grub loader which also set to 3 seconds to boot up linux.

Everytime I install a new distro in those 3 partitions / /home & swap I have to remember to change the default grub install to sda5 so it won't overwrite my win mbr boot. Otherwise then I just back up those partitions and can roll back to them or reinstall the windows partition with it's mbr boot using a partition backup program like Clonezilla or my easier use Redo Backup which uses the same under the hood engine as clonezilla just a lot easier to use.

Otherwise if you install win7 first then linux and grub will see the windows and add it list and then overwrite the mbr with grub and give you windows selection to choose booting for.

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