Wireless issue

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Wireless issue

Postby cristy78 » 21 Sep 2013 22:44

Hello Team,
I have a problem regarding Wireless Driver :

- it seem that what ever I option I choose, after restart the system returns to the middle one (firm.brcm 80210 0.40).

any ideeas?

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Re: Wireless issue

Postby kyodev » 22 Sep 2013 05:20

Hi cristy78,
it's not really specific to kde, but... can you say us more? your distrib 32/64bits, connection is bad or good...

can you return

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inxi -SNxxx
sudo iwconfig
perhaps, can you see this, if you don't want to wait:
http://forums.solydxk.nl/viewtopic.php? ... com#p14524

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