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Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 17:07
by GreeningGalaxy
I just installed SolydK on my HP Envy touchscreen laptop (moving away from Kubuntu due to stability issues) and so far it's worked great, but for one rather annoying issue: no window can seem to hold focus for more than about 30 seconds, usually less. It's completely random as far as I can tell, but sometimes appears to favor losing focus immediately after I start typing in whatever window it is, and changing the focus stealing prevention settings, moving the focus-selection policy slider all the way over to 'hover' and everything else I've tried has had absolutely no effect (even with focus policy set to hover, I still have to click on the window in order to refocus it.) I've had to re-click on the text entry window about seven or eight times so far just to type this post.
Anyone seen this before or know what might cause it?

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 18:33
by GreeningGalaxy
I found a suggestion on a different forum to delete Thunderbird, which was apparently creating a background notification spam that was grabbing focus for some reason. Doing this fixed the problem temporarily, but now, one reboot later, it's back (with slightly lower frequency) and Thunderbird's still gone, so I can't delete it again. I'm gonna try reinstalling thunderbird, but I hope that's not the solution because it would be a massive pain to have to install and delete a 65-megabyte program every time I boot my system just to keep my window focus. :|

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 22:41
by disciple1964

Without some type of troubleshooting, I think it would be hard to come up with a answer. Can you help out with answering some questions?

1. Can you help out with posting the results of this command: inxi -Fzx
2. Are you using proprietary video drivers? or the noveau drivers
3. If you are dual booting, does it do this in another OS?
4. Has it done this since you installed SolydXK or is this more recent?
5. Are there any errors that come up in logs or on the screen?
6. Try changing the video cable from monitor to laptop and see if it becomes clearer
7. Have you checked the HP forums to see if anyone else has had this issue.
8. It's possible that thunderbird was never the issue, if you have uninstalled and then the issue is still there.
9. Check your setting under desktop effects, do you have magnifier turned on? or maybe Blur?
10. do you have other windows open in the background?
11. Go through your desktop effects and turn them off, then turn them back on one by one. If you turn it off and the problem goes away, then something could be checked that is causing the issue. Turn them back on one by one until the problem comes back and the last one you turned on, is probably the one causing the issues.

While you may think the issue is with SolydXK, it could very well be a hardware error also. I noticed you have a touchscreen Monitor, have you checked to make sure that you are using the correct cable. My wife has a touchscreen and her monitor would blank out or become fuzzy. After weeks of troubleshooting and thinking the 300+ dollar screen was bad, come to find out the HDMI cable she was using was not rated for Hdef video. Yes it does matter and makes a world of difference. Since changing the HDMI cable her screen works perfectly and is very clear.

However if the laptop monitor itself is doing this and you are not using a external monitor. Then most likely this could be a issue with the video chip or display screen itself.

Hope this helps

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 14 Sep 2014 23:41
by GreeningGalaxy
Sorry for not posting in so long!
I did find a solution to the problem, though- I went into the Window Rules settings and added a rule preventing anything that's a toolbar or panel from accepting focus. It's worked well. I guess the toolbars were getting focus at random times for some reason?

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 17 Sep 2014 04:30
by TeaSwigger
When I was using the "desktop sticky notes" post-it thing a while back, the focus would shift like you describe. After closing the note app, everything's back to normal (so I don't use it). Perhaps some panel / plasma apps grab focus when they shouldn't? In any case, thanks for posting your findings.

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 17 Sep 2014 20:25
by GreeningGalaxy
As far as I can tell, it's the alt-f2 run prompt that's doing it. My fix kept focus from getting lost all the time, but I also noticed that it's been impossible to type in the alt-f2 prompt ever since I implemented it. This is only a minor annoyance (I can just use Yakuake for most things with the same number of keypresses and clicks), but I'm not quite sure where I would go from here if I were particularly interested in re-enabling the alt-f2 prompt.

Re: Windows constantly lose focus at random

Posted: 17 Sep 2014 20:41
by Snap
Krunner is working fine here. But (though I never use it neither like it) the free floating window mode works like crap. Do you have it floating?