Firefox and Libreoffice not taking focus

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Firefox and Libreoffice not taking focus

Postby kirmonkey » 17 Dec 2015 10:31


Exciting times, my first post here!

I'm using Solydk and am finding that Firefox and Libreoffice aren't taking focus when opened from the main menu or from within another programme (For example a link within Thunderbird). Other programmes - Konsole, Dolphin, System Settings, Lyx and Gimp are.

Running standard Solydk with Firefox ESR 38.4.0 and Libreoffice

I've had a mooch around Google and System Settings > Window Behaviour > Window Behaviour

But the settings there seem sane.


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Re: Firefox and Libreoffice not taking focus

Postby bas_otten » 06 Apr 2016 19:34

I do not recognize this problem happening with Firefox, but I definitely do for LibreOffice in KDE.. You start e.g. Writer and 9/10 times you have to move over to the taskbar, click on it, and only then the window appears and takes focus. Very frustrating indeed ;-)

But recently I followed up a tip from Zill and Schoelje at ... =backports, and installed LibreOffice 5 from jessie-backports, which 1. is more advanced, 2. works just fine, and .... 3. does nót seem to suffer from the initially-minimized / not-taking-focus issue!

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apt-get -t jessie-backports install libreoffice

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Re: Firefox and Libreoffice not taking focus

Postby SolydForEver » 05 May 2016 06:55

I also don't have it in Firefox but I do have it in Chrome. Clicking a link in an e-mail (for example in Thunderbird) while Chrome is opened already but its window is behind the Thunderbird window, I do see the panel button for Chrome changes text (it opens a new TAB and the name of this TAB is placed in the panel button) but Chrome is not placed on the foreground so I don't see the webpage I have linked to. First I need to click the panel button to make Chrome visible. When I click the link in the mail while Chrome is not open yet it opens IN the foreground.
This is NOT something related to Solyd cause I also had it while using Mint.

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