Window background color

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Window background color

Postby palimmo » 19 Nov 2016 22:09

I would like to change the window background color and leave that old standard grey:

Colors -> Colors -> Window Background

but it seems that gtk apps like Firefox don't want to follow this rule.
I have tried a bunch of Schemes, but even here only Default or SolydK gives Firefox and all other apps the same scheme.

Do you have therefore any suggestion?
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Re: Window background color

Postby Deleted User 1322 » 21 Nov 2016 18:25

Hello palimmo

I think, the project you'd like to start, will not be a very simple undertaking. Because since the upcoming of KDE 4.0 every version seems to have it's very own singularity.

Despite of this.............................................
These instructions can be given for KDE4 since KDE4 uses a different format. KDE4 defined for each section of the surface of an application to a separate section as [ColorEffects:Inactive] or [Colors:Button] . Where the definition of the individual attributes is identical.
............... maybe, you can find some good ideas how you can get running your project in any way.

See this: ... edit-text=

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