Configuring Virtual Desktops (solved)

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Configuring Virtual Desktops (solved)

Postby Redraw » 24 Aug 2017 01:17

Just installed Solydk9 and it loads up faster , looks very sharp , I miss the old Virtual desktop configuring its Many options , I think the names were Search and was it Newspaper ?.
I was using four desktops each with a different wallpaper , Cannot get that or do that now , Put a wallpaper on one desktop and all four get that wallpaper did not happen before .
each of the desktops was for specific duties with its own wallpaper , music , graphics , files sorting and number four was search with rows of icons in that off-white section along the top of search had Firefox , Easytag etc icons so those were not on every desktop in the task panel ,
So my question is what happened , did I miss something , not do something , do something wrong during setting it all up OR is this a problem with something in the upgrade , I've being looking over and over everything and can not find that thing that could be the problem ,
I feel that my eyes could be slightly tired
I hope someone can help
thank you for reading this
and two thank you s if you can point mi eyes in the right direction

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Re: Configuring Virtual Desktops

Postby tardy » 24 Aug 2017 04:04

Plasma 5 has dropped support for different wallpapers/different widgets on virtual desktops. However, you can use Activities to get that function.

Instead of the Desktop Pager widget, use the Activity Pager. You won't use 4 desktops any more, you will use 4 Activities; you can then use a different wallpaper on each Activity. You can use different widgets as well. The Activity Pager functions and looks just like the Desktop Pager.

You can even have multiple desktops within an Activity, but those dektops will all share the same wallpaper and widgets.

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Re: Configuring Virtual Desktops [ SOLVED ]

Postby Redraw » 24 Aug 2017 10:06

Thank You So Much Tardy , Your Reply was quick was not expecting to see or hear any thing until after a few days , wow , scribbled down some notes on what to do , Pleasantly surprised and thankful , I' m off to do just that "activities thing " Thanks Tardy .
Consider it Solved .

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