Solydk9 wifi icon and welcome screen problems

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Solydk9 wifi icon and welcome screen problems

Postby mdavies5 » 04 Jul 2018 02:53

2 minor problems wit my SolydK9 install. After install I was asked to setup a wifi connection but I could not find any wifi icon on the toolbar. I added the icon and could only see where it was by watching the movement of other icons. I now had 2 wifi icons but they were so feint as to be barely visible. Anyway wifi connected but would suggest to review the default icons or the default menu bar colour.
On the welvome screen I accepted most of the suggested software and unchecked some. When I unchecked all the games the "Next" button became disabled, the only option was to quit. Of course I could manually add any software via Synaptic but maybe the welcome screen has a bug.
Apart from this, congratulations on a solid installation and I look forward to my first interaction with KDE.

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