UEFI Dual Boot Installation Guide?

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UEFI Dual Boot Installation Guide?

Postby Omega » 05 Feb 2014 13:09

I'm planning to buy a new computer, and I'm going to want to dual boot Windows 8 for my gaming needs.

I know that I'll need to disable secure boot, but from my understanding, the current installer doesn't allow UEFI. Is there a guide in getting SolydXK to dual boot with Windows 8 on a new computer?

From what I've been reading, Ubuntu or Fedora will be my best option after I upgrade until this gets sorted out. Another alternative that I've been reading is turn Legacy mode on in the Bios, install Windows 7, and then install SolydK.

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Re: UEFI Dual Boot Installation Guide?

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 05 Feb 2014 17:56

Warning: My views are personally mine and very biased due to the fact I have had a bad experience with Windows 8 and it was the reason I switched 100% to Linux!

I think unless your games you want to plan specifically require Windows 8, I think it's best to avoid a Windows 8 computer altogether and go with something with Windows 7 (and using "legacy" as you said). Windows 8 is very ugly and hard to use! I think dual-booting with Windows 7 / legacy would be the best way to go.

Or try to see if some of those games will work in PlayOnLinux.

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Re: UEFI Dual Boot Installation Guide?

Postby Deleted User 1322 » 14 Feb 2014 19:41

Hello Omega

maybe this link can help you. The instructions are written in German. I hope this can be helpful:
http://wiki.ubuntu-forum.de/index.php?t ... er:Klaus_P


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