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SolydXK iso in multisystem disk

Posted: 25 Mar 2013 17:58
by 17xeros
I fail to add solydk32_latest.iso and solydx32_latest.iso in multisystem. I get this message "Error: ISO not supported for now".
lmdekde32_up6sr1_201212.iso and lmdexfce32_up6sr1_201301.iso (the LMDE unofficial versions) can be added with no problem as it has until now any other linux distribution I have added.
I add iso files by pressing the buttion in the bottom left (tooltip: "Use this button if the Drag and Drop does not work").
The problem occurs running any of LMDE xfce, SolydX or SolydK.
I would appreciate any help with this problem. Thank you in advance.