Session Type after SolydX update

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Session Type after SolydX update

Postby BillZM » 30 Jun 2014 17:19

(my first post; pls strip off this first line and re-bin in category as appropriate)

I am LOVING SolydX Home Edition (with LibreOffice replacing Abiword+Gnumeric as only changes so far)!
Worked first time out of the box (201405) including wifi driver (which is a PITA in other distros for the Broadcom adapter in HP Mini 110 netbook). PAE was also an easy add within your Welcome/DDM structure. Well done!!!

We have our 6 more powerful laptops stable on Win7 now (from WinXP), but I'm anxious to convert some of them to SolydX too.

Since my install to hard drive in May, there have been several updates which were very smooth. Yesterday (29Jun2014) I let Update Manager attempt the big update. Despite a connectivity issue 2/3 through download, I was able to reboot and the download/update continued from where it left off (good!) and completed without noticeable error (though I wasn't reading the fine print).

Following the update, despite rebooting and various attempts by me (a Linux newbie) to research and fix a few issues, I was not making good progress, leading me to consider a complete reinstall.

Issues were these:
1) Shutdown options presented in upper right corner of "Start menu" were grayed out except for "Log Out". After logging out, the system presents a Log-in screen and I noticed the "On/Off" icon at top right, where shutdown options are available. But this is inconvenient, so I was still trying to fix this.
2) The wireless signal strength notification was missing from the system tray at lower right of screen. At first I did not have connectivity, but I was able to reconnect after rebooting, but the notification icon was still missing.
3) I was unable to launch some applications such as Synaptic (which I was hoping to use to look for issues).

Then, somehow, I stumbled into the leftmost icon at the upper right of the log-in screen, which presents the option of "Default Xsession" (which was checked) or "Xfce Session" (which was unchecked). Changing this selection to "Xfce Session" fixed the above problems and after the massive update, SolydX looks just as stable as it did before. This selection must have been reset somehow within the update.

I wanted to share this in case others run into the same issue.

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Re: Session Type after SolydX update

Postby ScottQuier » 30 Jun 2014 17:33

First - Welcome to SolydXK BillZM. I sure hope you continue to enjoy your SolydX!

Second - Moved your topic to Installation.... per your request

Third - There's not been a "large update" since you've installed the May .iso so this makes me wonder how your repo source.list file reads. Please run the following command in a terminal, copy and paste the results back here.

Code: Select all

inxi -r
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Re: Session Type after SolydX update

Postby BillZM » 30 Jun 2014 18:10

Scott, Thanks! I must have added the debian testing source in my search for a viable Netflix solution
So the Update Manager picks up on whatever sources are active, not just the Solydx sources?
Should I just remove that and wait for the SolydX repos to catch up (or surpass)? I'm not seeing any problems so far.

inxi -r
Repos: Active apt sources in file: /etc/apt/sources.list
deb solydxk main upstream import kdenext
deb testing main contrib non-free
deb testing main non-free
deb testing/updates main contrib non-free
deb testing main contrib
deb solydxk main

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Re: Session Type after SolydX update

Postby BillZM » 01 Jul 2014 04:56

I'm reinstalling to take full advantage of the testing the SolydXK team is doing. I'll try to be more careful not to introduce new sources "willy nilly".

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