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Postby denoyse » 20 Apr 2013 17:53

Hello everybody,

it is not possible to install SolydXK with any kind of encryption. If using plain debian, one can just create encrypted devices via Terminal and choose them as install target. However, the Solyd installer only shows physical harddrives, nothing from /dev/mapper/. Though i think, if it would show them, as the distro is based on Debian, booting the encrypted OS should work out of the box. But as there is no alternate install option, i can not proove that...

Could you somehow allow for encryption? This is a real blocker for me, but i really want to give SolydX a try.

I for myself am familiar with many distros, but search for something to install on some of my friends PCs easily. For a while now, this has been Ubuntu, but first i like my friends to have a rolling-release distro, so that i do not have to stop by and assist on upgrade errors every 6 months. Second i really start to dislike Ubuntu. Third, I might like LMDE, but want to give my friends XFCE rather than Cinnamon.


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Re: Encryption

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 20 Apr 2013 19:45

First of all: welcome to our forum!

You could try running live installer from a terminal with the advanced parameter:

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gksudo "live-installer --advanced"
Now, if you have to choose the hard drive to install to, you can select the radio button "manually mount partitions" for advanced users at the bottom of the window. Just follow the on screen instructions.
I haven't tested this for encrypted mounts, though.

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