[SOLVED] HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

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[SOLVED] HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 13 Nov 2014 14:47

SolydX HE, Toshiba portege R705, intel. Epson NX430 multifunction, wifi network.

I have just completed a full SolydX reinstallation, this time with AMD64.

Epson nx430 wifi network printing and scanning functions worked OK in i386.. Now, almosot everything works as well as it did with HE32t. Inclluding my wifi network. However... the scanner!!

Simple-scan recognized a scanner but culd not scan (printer works OK). I then downloaded and installed Epson nx430 AMD64 scanner dirvers (in the order recommended: data,...,network,) It got worse: simple-scan now operates the webcam.

Checked the webcam by iself as follows. I installed Cheese. It quits with an error message *"there was an error playing video with the webcam"). Skype36 video option works OK.

I tried installing Sane, but it refuses to work. I could not find iscan.



ONE (less than perfect) solution: I turned firwall off, and let the Simple-Scan plus SANE combo do their job. Next, I would have to learn how to operate Firewall to let the scanner go thru. In the meantime, yes to scan and NO to the home-network firewall.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 13 Nov 2014 18:02

Probably the firewall is blocking it. You need to go into System Settings - Firewall and set the incoming and outgoing rules for the scanner and computer to connect. Then in your application you might (or might not, depending on the program) need to select "select device" or similar and then choose the scanner and not video. You probably may have to do that the first time you use it but since you already tried you may have to do that again.

Here's my own tutorial on how to set that up:

Get Everything Ready

Turn on your Scanner. From this point forward, it will be referred to as scanner even if it's an All-In-One Printer/Scanner unit.

You might want to take note of the scanner IP address. This can be found within the settings on the printer itself. You will need to consult your printer's instructions. For example, on an Epson XP-400 All-In-One printer, you would scroll left to Settings (not the WiFi Settings), and then Confirm WiFi Settings. Scroll through the information to find the IP Address and write it down.

Now to get the computer IP address, open the terminal program and type:

Code: Select all

ifconfig wlan | grep -e "inet addr"
Take note of the inet addr only, ignoring Bcast and the rest of the line after it. Write down the ###.###.###.### type number after inet addr. You can type exit at the prompt when you have this number noted.

We will also be at some point be opening XSane (though not right now). If you don't have it installed, you can install it from the repositories.

Run the firewall program. You can type firewall in the Application Menu search box to find it. Then click on the Firewall settings. Have at least this program open before you continue.

NOTE: You may be required to enter your user password at some points when working with changing the

Quick Setup

The fastest way to set this up is to simply try to get the scanner to communicate with the computer and then set up the rule for it in the firewall. Be sure you are in the firewall settings program. Firewall programs may look different so you may want to be sure you're in an "Advanced" mode. This article will be working with Linux Mint 14 KDE version which has a Firewall Settings in the System Settings.

Firewall Status: Enabled
ipv6 Support: Enabled
Default Outgoing Policy: Allow
Default Incoming Policy: Deny
Logging Level: Low

Click the Rules tab if it's not already active.

Run the XSane Image Scanner program as mentioned above. Wait a moment until you see a dialog box saying it can't find the scanner. Close the dialog box.

Go back into the firewall settings program and click on the Show Log... button in the bottom right.
Click the Refresh icon at the top.

Select the very last item at the bottom. This is usually the entry where the scanner was trying to communicate with the computer via XSane.

Click on Create Rule.

You only need to change two items. In the Destination area on the left, change port to Any port. The reason we do this is because this port number usually changes each time you use the scaner.

In the Description box, type in a description to remind you what this rule is for. You could use just "Scanner" or better yet, use the brand of your scanner like "EPSONScanner". You can type in anything you want as a reminder. It is recommended you do this especially as it may help if you need to troubleshoot, change or remove rules in the future.

Click OK. Be sure to also click Apply to apply the new rules.

You can now run XSane again. It should recognize your scanner and run the program. If it does not, you can try the Manual Setup and Troubleshooting below.

Manual Setup

In the event that you still cannot get the scanner to work, or you prefer to configure it manually. Be sure to remove any previous rules you made for this scanner so it doesn't get confused. Then in the firewall settings, click on the Add button on the right and set it up as follows:

In the drop down, be sure Advanced is chosen.
Policy: Allow, Direction: Incoming
For the Source IP use the one you got from the scanner earlier (see Get Everythign Ready above).

For the Source Port, click on the second line and type in 3289. Note that if this doesn't work, you can use the Show Log... to find the port it's trying to come in on.

Look for a ####/udp in the line. The #### is the port number you want to use.
Destination Address: Type in the computer IP address you obtained earlier (see Get Everythign Ready above).
For the Destination Port, again you need to use Any port since the port changes.
Protocol: UDP, Interface: wlan0, Logging: none

For the Description, type in a description that will remind you what the rule is for (as mentioned in the Quick Setup).

Click OK when done. Be sure to click Apply to apply the new rules.
Now run XSane and verify the scanner is recognized and working.


In the even that things still don't work, you could try setting the Source Port to Any port. This isn't really recommended as specifying an exact port gives you more security, but in some cases you may have to resort to allowing any port on the printer's IP to communicate with the computer.

Tip: You can select your rule and use the Edit button to make any changes to rules you have created.

Another thing you could try is shutting down and turning off the scanner unit, computer, router and modem, wait a few minutes, then power up the modem and router first, then the computer. When the computer is booted, you're logged in and everything is loaded, turn on the printer and wait for the WiFi indicator to light up. Then try again. You really shouldn't have to do this but it is one way to reset everything so you have a fresh start at diagnosing the problem.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 14 Nov 2014 12:32

Thank you for a very detailed set of instructions.

I am not sure the issue is the Firewall. I turned it off and Simple-Scan keeps on trying the webcam. Some scanner related configuration is messed up, which had never happened with SolydX 32. Just in case, I checked the printer. There is a Wifi settings, which I avoided, but no other "settings" option.

For some reason, setting up printers is often much easier than dealing with scanning.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 14 Nov 2014 15:31

If your printer is not actually plugged into the computer physically, and you cannot do a test print with the printer:

You'll need to go into those WiFi settings in your printer and set up your printer to use your network. Otherwise the computer thinks you only have a video camera and won't see the printer is probably not connected to the network at all.

The printer can print, but the scanner is not detected and the above setup tutorial does not work:

There are times when for some reason (which I have no idea) the IP address of the printer changes. This can mess up the scanner. Turning off the firewall sometimes makes the scanner work. If not, you will need to remove and then re-install the printer from the System Settings / Printer area (be sure that it is turned on when you do this).

Another issue may be that the printer driver (did you have to install one or just using CUPS) either stopped working or got misconfigured. Reinstall the printer driver. If you did not have to install a printer driver, remove the printer driver and reinstall it in the System Settings/Printers area.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 14 Nov 2014 18:36

Thank you !

Printer works fine. Firewall off. Unplugged, waited a couple of minutes, plugged back, and reinstalled everything in several alternative orders (including epson drivers). Printer still working fine, but the only image drive seen by Simple Scan, or by Sane running by itself, is the webcam! Even tried other Software (Skype video is fine in all cases) and, finally, even Ubuntu! Simple Scan works, but not with my SolydX installation. I will try reinstalling, but it is discouraging. A couple of years back I had to quit Fedora for exactly the same problem. Perhaps it is the computer, maybe the user! :mrgreen:

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 14 Nov 2014 20:10

I don't use simple scan. I uninstalled it and I use XSane. For me it works better and gives me more control. But either way it should still work, I would think.

It might be that your printer isn't supported in the SolydXK setup. But if it works in Ubuntu or other debian-flavored distros, then there should be a way to get it working in SolydXK.

I am sorry I'm out of ideas though. I'm hoping others can chime in and give some ideas.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 15 Nov 2014 04:07

You tried hard!! Thank you.

And I had tried Xsane, without luck. I believe i somehow did something wrong and some config file got damaged. Maybe at the beginning it was just the firewall, and from there on... who knows. I did not keep record of all the things I tried in the order I tried them. Perhaps it is time to reinstall, which I hate (mainly because even the last iso demands a huge update.)

Again... you tried hard and made good suggestions. Thank you.

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 15 Nov 2014 14:05

If you can live without the printer a little while longer, you might want to try out the newest ISO when they get done testing it. Look in this thread to keep updated on the progress: http://forums.solydxk.nl/viewtopic.php? ... &start=140

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 15 Nov 2014 14:53

Yes, that makes sense. Besides, the printer does work, and scanning is not that frequent

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby disciple1964 » 17 Nov 2014 01:13


Here is the post to hopefully help you get the printer working.

http://forums.solydxk.nl/viewtopic.php? ... son#p44720

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Re: HELP! Epson nx430 scanner mixed with webcam

Postby HugoBruno » 17 Nov 2014 03:45

Yes, and thank you for your help. I had downloaded and installed the updated drivers for the scanner, among some of the initial steps I took to connect the scanning functions. I probably then did something wrong to the /etc/sane.d ... files.

A question still puzzles me. In some other OS (including SolydX i386) the scanner is immediately recgnized by Simple-scan, which seems to run its version of Sane. Installing the scanner is thus easier than installing the printer, since no drivers have to be downloaded and no specific setup is necessary. Why then I even have to deal with /etc... in the case of SolydX AMD64? I do admit, though, that Solyd AMD64 is not the only OS that makes it difficult to setup the scanner.

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