Successful SolydK 9 Install

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Successful SolydK 9 Install

Postby HighFive » 24 Jul 2017 01:27

I just want to report that I had a very successful install of SolydK_9_64 on my Lenovo X140e 11.6" netbook. The install went very smoothly, no issues at all. Wifi worked during the live session, and connected right up after the first boot. It has a Broadcom Limited BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n wifi adapter. Even the Fn+ keys work out-of-the-box for adjusting the screen and the sound volume. I tried some other KDE distributions on this netbook, but this one operates the smoothest of them all. SolydK has a nice solid functional feel about it that the other KDE dist's just didn't have.

Very happy with it, nice job Arjen and all of the SolydXK team. Well done, congratulations!

This is just what I wanted, a solid, stable and smoothly functional KDE system. And based on Debian stable to boot! Five ***** s! :clap:

P.S.: I guess I need a "SolydK User" label for my sig now!
SolydK-9 64bit, Lenovo X140e 11.6 inch netbook.

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