Guide to installing for beginners?

Questions about SolydX and SolydK installation.
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Guide to installing for beginners?

Postby Doglover2890 » 13 Jan 2019 17:22

I've never installed an OS before, and am trying to find a easy step by step guide to installing Solydxk that a beginner can understand. My laptop with Solydxk died a couple months ago and I purchased a refurbished Dell Latitude laptop that has Linix Unbuntu already installed, but would prefer to have Solydxk instead, if possible. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Guide to installing for beginners?

Postby Bodiro » 14 Jan 2019 11:32

Installing SolydXK or another modern linux distribution is quite easy and selfexplaining. To get some practice I recommend to install SolydXK on your existing Ubuntu in a virtual machine like virtualbox. Virtualbox is installable from the Ubuntu package sources.
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Re: Guide to installing for beginners?

Postby ilu » 15 Jan 2019 15:35

The thing you need to figure out for your hardware is how to boot into an DVD or USB pendrive (depends on what medium you put SplydX on). That can be tricky sometimes but you'll need guides/help for your specific hardware which only people can provide who have that particular hardware. So best check that on the Dell support forums. Or read thisabout my experiences with a Dell: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6987.

Once you have the SolydX ISO booted everything is really straightforward and easy. Maybe check that you have booted the ISO in EFI mode (if your laptop is not very old). This forum has threads about how to do that. Start the installer, answer the questions. Have a closer look when you get to the point where the installer asks you about partitions, especially if you want to keep Ubuntu. There are several threads on this forum that advise on how to partition. That's all, really.

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Re: Guide to installing for beginners?

Postby ydek » 17 Jan 2019 20:33

Hello, I'm a Linux Mint user and also SolydX and you can after installing Dual Boot, I'm still learning how to use SolydX but it's pretty easy you'll be able to use without problems.
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