solydK won't start after installation

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solydK won't start after installation

Postby dolphin » 07 Feb 2019 00:01


I had this problem after my first installation attempt: Although I checked the box to skip the login page during the installation process, it did turn up when I first started SolydK. But when I entered the password it looped back to the login screen. So I made a new live-USB drive (with Rufus) and installed again. Now it's even worse: I can't start SolydK at all, I get a lot of errors and it goes into emergency mode. (and in both cases Windows was missing in the Grub menu) I checked the ISO and it's OK. There's a very long file with system messages. One of them is: "firmware bug" another states:"dependency failed for /boot/efi" .
Because I have a UEFI BIOS maybe I have to change the settings? CMS?
Another cause might be that I did something wrong with the partitioning of the SSD: During the first installation I used Gparted to shrink the Windows partition and create 3 new ones: a data partition, a root and a swap. After that I had to stop the installation program to attach the new partitions and restart it. My partitions now look like this:

/dev/nvmeOn1 (Samsung SSD...) GRUB
... Onp1 fat32 /boot/efi
...p2 unknown
...p3 ntfs Windows
...p5 ntfs (data partition)
...p6 swap 17GB
... p7 ext4 root
...p4 ntfs recovery image
So what is the cause of my problem and can someone tell me how to fix it?

My PC: Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO motherboard (UEFI) 3,5 GHz processor, 16GB RAM ,500GB SSD.

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