solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog [Solved]

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Re: solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog

Postby cwwgateway » 09 Mar 2013 19:34

wizard97_4 wrote:
Schoelje wrote: Concluded (for simple souls as I):
To get the used memory: free -m and look at the number on the "buffers/cache" row and the "used" column.
Or short:

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free -m | grep cache: | cut -d' ' -f9
perhaps also:

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free -m | grep buffers/cache | awk '{print $3}'
Both of those work. System monitor applications basically show the result of that command (zerozero has a good system monitor tutorial here:
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Re: solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog

Postby cecil » 10 Mar 2013 05:55

Solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog -- Illustrated Edition

I've reread my original post several times, while terse it seems clear to me.
But every respondent started "with clean install";
so I've clearly failed to communicate the main point.

So let me be explicit.
There is a bug in the start-up scripts/routines in Solydk64-latest.iso.
It is not in Solydk32 or Solydx.

The primary manifestation of this bug is excessive memory usage
when doing a live-boot of the iso, either in virtual-box or from dvd.

The screen-shot below shows Mint-14-KDE at .30_Gib and Solydk64 at .48_Gib.
vbox-mint14-solydk64-memory-reduced.png (122.87 KiB) Viewed 979 times

Looking at the memory usage in system-monitor, I saw all the core kde apps had
double entries and immediately recognized this as two kde sessions of the same user.

Live-boot of Solydk64-latest.iso starts two kde sessions.

solydk64.iso-running-in-virtualbox-reduced.png (147.4 KiB) Viewed 979 times

Above is my Mint-KDE with two sessions compared to the Solydk64 v-box boot,
you see the same double listing of all core kde files.

Booting of a v-box install to a virtual-hard-disk shows normal memory usage (~.32Gib),
and so I stated that this "will not effect installed os."
That is not entirely correct.

Since the original post I have burned a DVD.
Booting from the DVD you can see the KDE progress bar start over,
and you can switch between the two identical sessions with Ctrl-alt-F7 / Ctrl-Alt-F8.

I have also done a real install to a partition.
(bye-bye LMDE - fyi .34_GiB with 1920*1080 screen)

Memory usage is normal, but the bug is still there.
Your desktop is on VT8 instead of VT7, Ctrl-Alt-F7 shows one line on a black screen:

(process:nnn)GLib-Warning **:getp uuid_rl(): failed due to unknown user id(0)

This appears to me as a failed attempt to start a root session.

And finally, if you "Log out", you get a black screen instead of a new login screen.

This is not a new bug, it goes back to lmdekde64_up5sr2_201210.iso,
that is the earliest iso I have.
I have not found it in any xfce or 32bit iso.

I hope this clarifies my post.
I am not saying Solydk64 is a memory hog;
I am sayings doing a live boot of the iso makes it 'appear' to be.

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Re: solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 10 Mar 2013 07:38

I can confirm this bug in the live version of SolydK 64-bit.
Thanks Cecil, for taking the time to report this (and even try to explain it for a simple soul like I).

The glib-warning is related to an old bug in Plymouth ( ... bug/572279).
Booting without Plymouth however, does not prevent the double entries of the K-processes. So, the glib-warning and your bug seem unrelated.
After install the double entries are gone (as you said: it only affects SolydK 64-bit live).

I suspect it has something to do with live-boot and KDE (and maybe also because its multiarch), but tracing this one is going to be very hard and time-consuming.

I'll put this one on my todo list but because it only affects SolydK 64-bit while running live and doesn't break anything, it's not my highest priority.

If anyone can shed some light on this one, I'd be very much obliged.

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solydk64 'appears' to be a memory hog [Solved]

Postby cecil » 23 Jun 2013 23:55

Live boot of the iso by virtual-box or LiveDVD no longer has excessive memory usage
or double sessions with the new solydk64-201306.iso.

The second problem revealed, booting to VT8 instead VT7, might be related to a new problem.
Ctrl Alt F7 Freezes SolydK64 (because the system desktop is on VT8).

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