Boot probe stalls at "thinkpad_ec" controller?

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Boot probe stalls at "thinkpad_ec" controller?

Postby Cory » 29 Oct 2014 07:21

Since last update this laptop (a Dell Latitude D810) is suddenly completely silent (black screen, no drive activity) for over one minute, and continues only to be ready (X-session, login screen) within some 5 seconds.
Previously boot time was around one minute, and currently doubled to two minutes - you'll understand this is a "major issue" to the user.

Boot log messages (slightly shortened, times displayed here are approximate and differ slightly each boot within a 2-3 seconds timeframe):
[] installing knfsd ...
[ 97.yyy] thinkpad_ec: no ThinkPad embedded controller!
[ 101.zzz] BlueTooth: ...

This laptop is not a ThinkPad, why and where in the config (kernel module?) is this controller probed for?
What controller is this, and more importantly: how can I get this laptop to avoid probing for it?

(I'm not that much a deep-dive techy around Linux, so please be kind and bear with me - thank you!)
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