Nvidia bumblebee run steam games?

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Nvidia bumblebee run steam games?

Postby edney » 25 Nov 2017 14:41

So i installed the driver with your amazing driver tool, now i dont know how to proceed!

How do i run my steam games with nvidia card? should i run something like optirun steam and then click on the games inside steam?

I found that the tutorials on the website are a little bit dated and im kinda lost, i would also love to know whats the difference between bumblebee and prime and why Solydk works with bumblebee instead of prime ( just for knowledge, i love the way it is).

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Re: Nvidia bumblebee run steam games?

Postby kurotsugi » 27 Nov 2017 00:28

IIRC bumblebee is designed for hybrid GPU (i.e: intel + nvidia card). it use intel as default but will automatically switch to nvidia card when needed. OTOH prime is designed for common nvidia. if it installed on hybrid GPU, it will use the nvidia card as default unless user told it to use intel card.

as for steam, AFAIK you can run it as long as your hardware could handle the job and you got steam installed. there aren't many gamers here so it might hard to expect good answer about steam. fortunately, solydxk is quite close to debian. hence, whatever work for debian will works on solydxk too.

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