ElementaryOS, my dear Watson

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ElementaryOS, my dear Watson

Postby dv8tion242 » 02 Oct 2013 19:57

Had a very quick look at this today. Really fast, even on a VM. But is still derived from a Canonical product.. I don't think Canonical goes around killing pets, but They are pretty clear about what they do and don't 'save'. Derived distros which I've looked at all have the same problem of the need to opt-out instead of opt-in on what is recorded or not recorded. For the extra second or two which some Distros take for loading things or a UI which may not be as slick as Pantheon, I'm very willing to give Debian derived products more of a chance, but more and more seem to be blurring the lines between what is ethical and what is new and shiny. When I start looking back to Win7 and wondering which is the lesser of the evils, something is gone badly wrong in the realm of Linux. Sure there is still choice but that choice is getting less and less as packages are becoming more and more 'buntu centric.

Pity really as Pantheon could really be super-cool.

( ElementaryOS has been punted)

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