ZevenOS Neptune: Another nice debian based distro

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ZevenOS Neptune: Another nice debian based distro

Postby RalphB » 04 Nov 2013 18:58

So I have some thoughts to say about a distro that has caught my attention recently called ZevenOS Neptune or just plain Neptune.
Neptune is a debian based distro aimed at 64bit based computers but also aimed at new users.
It offers a very similar experience to Solyd, with out of the box codecs and general ease of use.
It offers up a custom KDE setup with the Faenza icon set as its default (as opposed to oxygen), a custom QTcurve theme, a nice bootup/login screen/default wallpaper and is overall quite professional looking.
I have to give credit to this one, its a real smooth operator and could be a contender if it got more users...
Well same as Solyd :D

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