Your First Linux Distro?

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby GDI » 23 Feb 2014 19:48

My first installed Linux distro if I remember correctly was Ubuntu 10.10. I installed it and at times ( since I was a first timer ) when I had it really messed up, had to reinstall it several times. :o :lol: After gnome 3 came out and I saw the things of the future to come, I started searching (hoping distro to distro). Puppy, LinuxMint, SolydX, Makulu, PCLinuxOS, Fedora, SolusOS, LinuxLite, Bodhi, Crunchbang, Elementary OS, LXLE, ZorinOS and SparkyLinux have all graced a pc of mine at one time or another.

Right now multibooted on my netbook is: LinuxMint Mate, SolydX, and Crunchbang.
On the kids laptop: Windows 7, LinuxMint Xfce, Makulu, and Crunchbang.
My laptop: Windows Vista, Xubuntu, Makulu, Crunchbang, LXLE, and SparkyLinux.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby alefa » 24 Feb 2014 20:30

My first Linux distro was Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). I got my very first laptop with Windows XP while at university (I studied Biology). During a GIS course I took towards the end of my studies, one of the teachers mentioned that the GIS software we used in that course (QGIS and GRASS) was originally developed for something called Linux, and he handed out free Ubuntu CDs to the students. I never actually used that CD, but I was intrigued. At that time (around 2006), I didn't even know what an operating system is, but I started reading about free software and installed more and more open source programs on my Windows system. Finally, I made the switch to Linux because of an unfriendly sysadmin at the university where I planned to do my PhD. She told me I couldn't use my private laptop in the university network, because the version of Windows that came with it (XP Home edition) was too insecure. So I used a university computer with a terrible old CRT monitor that gave me headaches for a while, until I decided that something had to be done. I installed Ubuntu in a dualboot alongside Windows. I remember that I was mortally afraid that the install would destroy my Windows system (I wouldn't have been able to restore it, and I didn't have computer-savvy friends). But to my surprise, everything went smoothly. The sysadmin had no objections to me using Linux in the uni network. Nowadays, I prefer Debian over Ubuntu for several reasons, but I'm still extremely grateful for the gentle introduction to the Linux world that Ubuntu provided.
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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby vtpoet » 24 Feb 2014 22:21

Omega wrote:Redhat Linux 5.2 in 1998

I was 14 years old, and I was really proud that I was able to get all my hardware working properly. I even was able to install KDE 1.0 (I think they provided rpms and instructions on how to install).
Wow. Ditto. Almost. I wasn't 14 and I didn't switch back to Windows 'cause of games. I don't think KDE was at 1.0 yet. I remember that KDE windows would be missing pieces and parts, buttons wouldn't work, etc... I had a %$&# of a time getting my desktop to say "Linux". I recall being amazed at how smoothly and solidly it ran. Never crashed. I switched back to Windows because of dependency hell and because it just wasn't a usable system, yet. I remember browsing the net with a text browser. Loved it. Fast as all get out. I tried one of the very early iterations of Debian, then stuck with Windows until Ubuntu got started.

My all time favorite computer, my first love, the love of my life, remains the old Tandy TRS-80's. They were magical. There was your prompt. Have your adventure. The Apple II's were like that, but there was something so hands-on about the TRS-80. The sky was the limit. Linux takes me back to that just a little.
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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby sumitb » 25 Feb 2014 03:42

My first distro was Redhat Linux 8 in 2002 i guess, which I used for some time till version 9 and later moved on to Fedora Core / Fedora till version 14 or 16 (when they changed the package selection scheme in anaconda). At the time of RH Linux, I also tried SUSE Linux and Mandrake, but always returned to RH. Mint was also good at that time too but didn't like it that much for some reason.

While using Fedora Core, I tried Ubuntu but was turned off when Unity came along. KDE was always my preferred DE anyways so I switched to Kubuntu. Then used Mint for some time again but somehow I became pissed off with the direction of Ubuntu and its derivatives, because they will also get affected in some way due to their dependencies on Ubuntu repos. So was looking for a change and used OpenSUSE 13.1 for some time but didn't got used to YAST. Korora also felt good but too young a distro and a bit bloated.

Finally found my home in SolydK. Pure Debian, No Ubuntu, decent out of the box experience, awesome support and controlled updates. I am going to stay i think :)
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OS: SolydK x64, SolydX x64 in VB
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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby littlejohn » 25 Feb 2014 15:02

Ubuntu 8.10 first, but had trouble with set up so I moved to Linux Mint 6.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby GDI » 25 Feb 2014 23:11

sumitb wrote: Finally found my home in SolydK. Pure Debian, No Ubuntu, decent out of the box experience, awesome support and controlled updates. I am going to stay i think :)
As more and more time and usuage goes by, I can definitely agree with you on this. Except in my case it would be SolydX.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby MoldMe » 01 May 2014 13:56

Mine was Mandriva/Mandrake. I remember walking to a CompUSA across the street from where I worked and purchased the installation kit. When I installed it, I thought to myself, "You've got to be kidding me!" Linux has come a long way since that experience.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby kurotsugi » 01 May 2014 15:11

my memory it's a lil bit faint. I forgot which version is it but I clearly remember it's an ubuntu. several hours later it becomes opensuse, red hat, mint, and I finished with a broken grub. :lol:

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby n3mkh » 01 May 2014 15:36

I remember something when Linux was ver. 0.9?, but the first one I am able to find disk and docs about is Yggdrasil Computing Plug-and-Play Linux from Summer 1994. I really liked Corel Open Linux and stayed with it a few years and also used Slackware, Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, Debian (since ver 2), some Ubuntu, and Mint more recently--until I discovered SolydXK. I really like the SolydXK community as well as the distro. I have converted one machine to SolydX and I am evaluating doing other conversions following my Mint 17 experience. I was a fan of LMDE, but a broken system after update packs was just too common. The recent update with SolydX was a much better experience for me. Kudos to the SolydXK team!
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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby balloon » 02 May 2014 08:02

My answer is Puppy Linux. :roll:
Ubuntu of the GNOME 2 era touched it several times, too.

Puppy Linux is one of a kind in Japan.
Many languages provide it with a package in Puppy Linux.
However, a "Puppy Linux Japanese Edition" is released so that a Japanese is easy to treat it.
Ubuntu is similar, and "Ubuntu Japanese Remix" which optimized Japanese exists.
Ubuntu 14.04 has a big reaction of Japan by being able to treat Japanese with an original edition normally.

When SolydXK can support many national language including Japanese, more reactions may be provided.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby Longshot » 03 May 2014 03:30

Ubuntu 8.04, it was pretty good, when 10.04 came out, I was hooked, been using only Linux since. I don't play games on my PC so Windows never could pull me back. After Ubuntu 10.04, I gave 12.04 a chance, but Unity really did not grow on me, plus it was still pretty buggy, moved to Linux Mint 13, fell in love with Cinnamon but being based off from 12.04, it had some bugs to. Tried OpenSuse, Elementary, Bodhi, and a few others, found SolydX and been happy with it ever since. I did give Ubuntu 14.04 a chance, Unity has come a long way, but Ubuntu still can't match SolydX.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby eselma » 03 May 2014 17:16

As Electronics Engineer, i came to computing through hardware. My first "set" was an Ohio Scientifics, with a 6502 CPU and 4 kB of RAM (later increased up to an awesome 8 kB) about mid seventies. Only machine code and a Basic interpreter. An Apple ][ with 32 kB of RAM followed, and later a NEC 8001 (Z80 with 64 kB, CP/M and two floppies). In the IBM-PC era, DOS, of course. My first attempt to Unix likes was the original Tanenbaum's Minix, with his big book and a lot of floppies of 5,25". My 286 computer did not liked it, so it was a waste of time for me. Some years later tried a BSD (not sure the flavour) with the same results. Finally, a Slackware CD could boot on my computer (a 386 by then). Of course, a nightmare of dependencies appeared, so I parked the Slack until a book came from the US with a Red Hat CD on it. Despite it was only a book, I had to pay a lot of taxes, because Customs said it was really an Operating System. And really it was. Sort of functional... and with RPM! But unfortunately the applications were not enough for my daily work as a lecturer. Then came Mandrake 7.02, with my beloved KDE, Lyx and StarOffice. That was still at nineties, but with dial-up Internet. After a long time with Mandrake (already Mandriva), and due to some problems with hardware drivers, tried Kubuntu 6.06. Soon jumped to Mepis, by then also based on 6.06 LTS. A real OS, soon Debian based again, with a great and friendly community, some of them are now here, also. When Mepis became out of sync with Debian, pure Debian was the natural answer. Until I found, one year ago, SolydK. Solydk BE is now for me the perfect sequel to Mepis. And here we are, hoping long life to SolydXK.

Sorry for this long story, but... the things happened this way. Cheers.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby Raoldkel » 03 May 2014 19:05

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon in Feb-2008.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby Recy » 03 May 2014 21:46

First was RedHat 9 back in the day. I dabbled in it but didn't use it much.

First time I seriously started using Linux was Ubuntu 5.10.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby fleabus » 11 May 2014 12:01

I've said this elsewhere, but saying it in the proper topic is good for a change... :mrgreen: :twisted:

Mandrake/Redhat around '00 -'01, then a looong hiatus until July of '13. Trisquel was the first distro I tried in July '13, having done some reading on the few Stallman-compliant distros out there. Quickly jerked back into reality regarding proprietary drivers, went to buntu for a day or so, then Mint. Shoulders of Giants? Definitely, so straight on to Debian. I stopped there, only looking for a preconfigured Debian. So LMDE, then SolydXK to stay, as home distro. I remain a staunch Debianoid. :D

I do a few other Debians, which I also consider to be well done in their own right.
However I honestly believe Solyd is the best of them.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby wendorf1994 » 16 May 2014 01:56

My first linux distro was ubuntu a few years ago but at the time I didnt understand why it couldnt use windows programs so I went back to windows until I learned more about linux.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby PopeBishop » 20 May 2014 03:51

My absolute first distrobution was Knoppix which I used on a live usb to do banking and other confidential things, that was two or three years ago. Now my first full time distro was Ubuntu 12.04 which I used for a month or so until I discovered Mint and did my first of many hops. 8-)
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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby macstar » 20 May 2014 08:33

my first linux distro was suse linux 6.4 arround 2000. i had no internet connection back then and had to rely on the step by step guide printed in a pc magazine.
installation went surprisingly well and i tried it out several days but went back to windows because i used to play games (need for speed etc.) back in the day.
after this and many years of using different windows, i only rediscovered linux in 2009/10. my win7 beta was running out and my pc died, so i asked google for popular linux distributions, found ubuntu 10.04, installed this on my notebook and never ever have looked back to windows again, also because that time i got an xbox and played my games there.
up to today i tried basically every well known linux distribution, all *buntus, open suse, mandriva, fedora, arch, solydk, and for those new ones appearing on distrowatch, i give them a try in a virtualbox.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby Transitman » 25 Jun 2014 01:57

My first taste of Linux was Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog in late 2005.

By December 2005, I was a full-time Linux user, cutting my teeth on Ubuntu, then LinuxMint, Debian, SolydXK and now using Lubuntu on 1 Netbook with limited memory and only a 16 GB "hard-drive" that I use to listen to music with, and Manjaro 0.8.10 on my Dell Latitude 2100 netbook.

While my main system is SolydX or K, I still distro hop on another desktop that sees limited use, and the 2 netbooks.
Haven't paid full-price for any Windows OS since I bought my now dead Dimension 8400 with XP Home.

I love the feeling of freedom, and with the way Microsoft was going, and is still heading, I felt the time was right for me to jump ship from MS-land to Linux land and I haven't looked back.

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Re: Your First Linux Distro?

Postby paolo » 25 Jun 2014 20:42

My first distro was Mandrake 9.1 ... all went ok with my pc :D
I dropped xp and start my voyage in the Linuxland (Mandrake/Puppy/Ubuntu/Debian/Antix/Pc-BSD/Sabayon/Crunchbang/Arch/Archbang/Mint/SolydX :D )
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