Importance of different Python Features. And good habits.

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Importance of different Python Features. And good habits.

Postby longtomjr » 17 Mar 2013 11:03

Ok. I have been learning python for a while now, but I never really got any experience of programing big programs and projects. At the moment I get so much info in and I learned gtk scripting yesterday... I did some videos. Well this is interesting and everything but with software like Glade, are you ever going to use it?

This is an interesting topic for discussion I think.

And then:
Good habits to have when doing python:
For example:

Code: Select all

def main():
if __name__ == "__main__":
I know the above is Important because when you call a function from the outside it wont run your program like it is a stand alone script.(If I am saying it right).

List of Habits:
  • New file for each class. (Like you must do in Java). is it good or bad and why
    Commenting, how important is it really?

List of Features:
  • Learning gtk and other gui scripting? how essential?
    Slicing (ex. strvar[2:3]), do you realy use it?
this lists will be updated

Kind regards
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