Permanant email andor domain name that is private and secur

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Permanant email andor domain name that is private and secur

Postby Fargo » 25 Mar 2014 17:28

Hi guys. I might be moving in the near future and will have to change my ISP provider. So I decided this might be a good time to change to a permanent email address. Then I wouldn't have to change it again if I should move again at a later date. But I have concerns about data mining and privacy issues.

I had considered free email services like google or yahoo, but I'm sure they are data mining all their emails. I also saw that Yahoo offers a web domain service for $35 a year that would give me a single page web address along with my email address. But I didn't see any indication that this was any more secure than their free service.

I've also considered something from mostly because they offer lots of choices in address extensions. But again I have some privacy concerns.

Basically I want a permanent email that I can use for my business so I don't have to change it again in the future. But I want something that is more private than the typcical free service. It will also have to be something that I can either access from Thunderbird via POP or IMAP. Or something that I can forward to my ISP address so I can download it to Tbird from their. If thats possible.

So I am looking for some suggestions. Also does this security really matter? I'm sure if the government wants access to my email any company will have to provide it. But that would still be better than the company continually scanning my emails looking for marketing information. My other thought is, is their such a thing as a private email? Even if I have the most private email available, if I ever send an email to someone @gmail, then it would seem the entire email is on googles servers anyway. Regardless of how secure my end might be. So does it really even matter?

Finally, would having my own domain be advisable? My business is all from local clients who really don't need any web access from me. So its basically just a requirement to get a private email address.

So with all that said. What are the suggestions for private emails and or web domains.

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby RcyberN » 25 Mar 2014 18:00

Any free email service is going to monetize you somehow. Companies such as Google do so by scanning or email for keywords and showing you ads based on it. Based on media reports Yahoo can't seem to get security right.

If you're worried about emails being snooped upon or subpoenaed by any given government, it would be better to have a service not based in that country or one friendly with it. They have treaties.

As you're probably aware, all companies will claim privacy and security with a disclaimer they will abide by the laws of the country they are in. In the USA that mean if warranted the government can force the company to let them snoop your emails without you knowing. Lavabit was in such a situation and fought it. The government eventually lost because the owner took the servers down. It's an interesting read.

There are two email services I know that take privacy and security more seriously. I'm sure there are more. I'm just familiar with them: Rise-up and Autistici. Both are donation based. Their track record shows their commitment. I'm sure you can google it. Rise-up was forced to turn over their servers and logs a couple times. No logs were found and the feds couldn't access the hard-drives because they were encrypted. Autistici had similar situation with same results.

Of course your best bet would be to learn and utilize PGP but then all your contacts have to be willing to use it also. Then it wouldn't matter which service you used. :D

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby mhwelsh » 26 Mar 2014 13:29

This could be one occasion when your location details would be an advantage.
I use who have provided a faultless service for a number of years. When I signed up I got a fixed IP and a free website which would fulfil your requirements.

martin welsh

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby Fargo » 26 Mar 2014 14:40

I am in the USA.

So probably won't work for me. Thank you.

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby greywolf » 31 Mar 2014 10:52

"If you build it, they will come!!" :) Perhaps if you have your own registered domain you will find a use for a website amongst either your existing customers or new ones?

With your registered domain, all you need is any ISP account that offers a fixed IP address (usually under their business offerings) and you can set up your email any way you want within your domain.

I am not in the USA but domain name registration is not very expensive and any decent ISP will offer fixed IP addresses.

I have NEVER run a small business without such a setup. So many options then under your control.

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby Fargo » 31 Mar 2014 15:18

Thanks for the reply greywolf. I do see some advantages of having my own domain. The biggest of which is my email would never change as long as I keep my domain. Which would likely be as long as I am in business. However, since all my business comes from a select few clients (and I prefer to keep it that way) I don't think a domain will help me by bringing in more business.

I'd still like to find a good email service provider, but it seems all the big ones like Google scan your emails or attach adds to outgoing emails. Most of the secure/private email services I find are more expensive around $30-$40 a year. Which is about the same price as I could get my own domain for. Granted I suppose the host provider at a domain could still scan my emails. So even with my own domain I'm not sure how secure/private my emails would be. It would kind of be nice if I could just find a private add free email provider for around $10 a year.

I wonder if SolydXK could find a way to make a little income by providing a fee based email service?

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby mistergil » 14 Apr 2014 23:06

Coming in a bit late on this but would like to pass these two along:
I pay for out of Vancouver, $16.95 a ads. Think they start out free or $1 , very reliable and clean interface.
Also use a free service from, Moscow ads, unlimited email storage.
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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby Fargo » 15 Apr 2014 15:31

Your not too late though since I haven't done anything yet. Thanks for the input.

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Re: Permanant email andor domain name that is private and se

Postby yoast » 20 Apr 2014 23:20

You could go with Zoho. They do mail, site & webdrive for a small user/business they are free or very affordable. As far as I know they are not into targeted advertising, but more into easing in businesses that can start paying as they grow. Since they are mainly web-based the advantage would be that you can get to most of your stuff in many broswers.

If you are really concerned about data-mining of email or the potential of access to your files why not use storage abroad? is the same company as and they both allow email and files on eu based servers OR US based servers. GMX allows access over webdav. You could even copy/move all your mail to abroad and use SMTP to send. If your harddisk crashes you do not lose your email.

You could also choose SME (storagemadeeasy) with EU based storage. Teamdrive is also a possibility (with local encrytpion before you upload to their servers).

just a couple of thoughts.

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