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Postby xendistar » 24 Jun 2014 20:31

I started with Linux back in the day of KDE1.9 (on Suse) I liked the way KDE functioned, it did what I needed it to do. For some reason I never liked Gnome. I then moved to Debian (leaving rpm hell behind) and carried on with KDE right up until it got to version 4 and it was horrible. So I set off looking for a new GUI. I went to Mint and used there XFCE based distro and then moved to there Debian based XFCE but I could not get along with Mint. I had never been a great lover of the buntu family having tried Kubuntu on several occasions but want to stick with an XFCE based distro I ended up going for Xubuntu, that lasted for two years until the release of 14.04, a fresh install of 14.04 looked nice but had the stability of jelly going down a flight of stairs. So the hunt began again, fortunately it was a short hunt as I found SolydX.

To me XFCE is plain and simple, you dont need Gigabytes of ram lots of processor to run it, what is the point of having a high spec PC just to start the PC and make it look pretty (if you want that go play with Windows 8).

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Postby GNUday » 24 Jun 2014 22:35

xendistar wrote:I had never been a great lover of the buntu family having tried Kubuntu on several occasions
Same here, I was a Kubuntu user until the desktop spyware search tool debacle (I know it was on by default in Ewbuntu and not Kubuntu but that makes no difference, a pig with lipstick is still a smelly swine, lol), that incident triggered a switch in my moral code fuse box, lol, I won't use any distro based on any *buntus. ;) :D

As of writing this I managed to get almost a full set of system sounds working in Xfce, see this thread. :mrgreen:

Edited for corrections and additional information.
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