The next Pulseaudio

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The next Pulseaudio

Postby Snap » 13 Nov 2014 06:55 ... mmit-2014/

A few fast comments.
Module writing infrastructure

Relatedly, we discussed the need to export the PA internal headers to allow externally built modules. We agreed that this would be okay to have if it was made abundantly clear that this API would have absolutely no stability guarantees, and is mostly meant to simplify packaging for specialised distributions.

Which led us to the other bit of infrastructure required to write modules more easily — making our protocol extension mechanism more generic.
Finally! Thanks god they start to think about it. Maybe one day we see/hear a pulse audio that actually works properly for ALL applications.
Resampler quality evaluation

Alexander shared a number of his findings about resampler quality on PulseAudio, vs. those found on Windows and Mac OS. Some questions were asked about other parameters, such as relative CPU consumption, etc. There was also some discussion on how to try to carry this work to a conclusion, but no clear answer emerged.
Sad, sad, sad... Still stuck there. This alone uses to make Pulse a no go.
Addition of a “hi-fi” mode

The discussion came around to the possibility of having a mode where (if the hardware supports it), PulseAudio just plays out samples without resampling, conversion, etc. This has been brought up in the past for “audiophile” use cases where the card supports 88.2/96 kHZ and higher sample rates.

No objections were raised to having such a mode — I’d like to take this up at some point of time.
Oh my goodness, they're considering now what must have being their main goal at first instance from the very beginning... but only as an option!!! This poor quality consumer grade server is what keeps making pulse useless for quality/pro audio use. For me, a no go. Thankfully we still have ALSA and Jack always aimed at the top grade. That sad part is that pulseaudio is the standard sound server for virtually any distro. Well, let's see what "the option" brings to the table...

David raised a question about the current status of rtkit and whether it needs to exist, and if so, where. Lennart brought up the fact that rtkit currently does not work on systemd+cgroups based setups (I don’t seem to have why in my notes, and I don’t recall off the top of my head).

The conclusion of the discussion was that some alternate policy method for deciding RT privileges, possibly within systemd, would be needed, but for now rtkit should be used (and fixed!)
Yes, please! Real time and pulse is a nonsense, unless some likes to see it eating the CPU cycles up.
This likely means that your installation is broken. -Mr Pixbuf.


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