The actual systemd survey results page

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The actual systemd survey results page

Postby Orbmiser » 01 Jan 2015 16:21

The actual systemd survey results page shows some interesting results. Tho sample size is a little small for my liking. ... wanalytics

Also from 2011 which I never seen about the benefits.

But going thru the pies of 1st link above shows me that 20%-30% don't even know what specifics means. And any 1/3rd of users seem not to care one-way or the other.


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Re: The actual systemd survey results page

Postby Rocky » 01 Jan 2015 20:09

Yes results a bit mixed ( agree sample size is small and may have self selected )

- certainly not as vocally antisystemd as other forums might have you believe

I found the window manager question interesting - tiling 47% ?
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Re: The actual systemd survey results page

Postby Nuke » 03 Jan 2015 00:00

The usual inconsistencies (in the first link) that always occur in these surveys.

Like the two questions "Do you feel systemd is modular" or "monolithic" should be exact inverses of each other, but they are not.

Suprises too : 24% of people do not use a swap file? 16% "like" Gopher? As many people use Latex as Libre Office? Really?

There seems to be no link back to the questionaire itself; and in the answers about OS's, Solaris and BSD have asterisks. Why is that?

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