It just hit me

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It just hit me

Postby SolydForEver » 01 Oct 2015 14:45

Schoelje, it just hit me today at work. I was thinking about the home computer when suddenly I remembered your answer to my installation thread.
You write:
As I'm the only developer at the moment
What does this mean for the future of SolydXK? Are things coming to a stand-still, are new ideas delayed, is everything slowing down?
I also remember from a few years ago when I was here, you wrote you wanted to make for time for your family. This is something you really should do, it is so important.
But combining those two things together gives me a not so funny feeling: how about SolydXK?
I sincerely hope it has a future, a great one, because it combines a couple of great things:
it is based on Debian Stable, well more stable than that is practically impossible,
it uses therefore the Debian way of installing packages, using deb files,
I can use the KDE desktop, the only one I use,
and (and this is a nasty one, I know) it is without Ubuntu

Could you please explain how you see the (near) future for your distro? Thank you.

Explaining the Ubuntu item:
I have a feeling Ubuntu is going a way of its own. Canonical (Mark Suttleworth) is changing about everything they can change: X is replaced, something during boot (no idea what it is) is changed, they have their own DE (Unity: you either hate it or you love it, there seems to be no middle way), they introduced a relationship with, something I guess not many people outside the USA are fond of, in short they are going a direction which is not my direction. Although also based on Debian, like Ubuntu, SolydXK bypasses Ubuntu instead of for example LinuxMint which with their main distro is using Ubuntu as a basis.
Don't get me wrong, Ubuntu has done great things for the linuxworld, it still is the most popular distro, they put Linux on the map. But as can be seen with that other OS, which is even much more popular: it doesn't mean it has to be the best.

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Re: It just hit me

Postby Fargo » 01 Oct 2015 15:00

I can't speak for Scheolje, so I'll wait for Schoelje to put in his official response. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. Because its build on Debian Stable, SolydXK could run for a lot of years even if it was abandoned today. Which its not. Schoelje is still very active and keeping things up to date.

I'm sure Schoelje would love to have more volunteers to help him out, but I think he still loves this project and it will continue for a long time yet. A one man disto based on Debian Stable can run a long time. Just look at how long Mepis ran before Warren decided to move on to something else.

I can understand your concern, but I wouldn't worry too much.

EDIT: Removed comment about donations. Donations are always welcome, but this is not the right place for my comments. Sorry.

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Re: It just hit me

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 01 Oct 2015 15:43

There were short periods during SolydXK's existence when there were two developers. That is including yours sincerely. So, I'm used to being the only developer. I just choose the projects with the biggest impact and leave the others for later (or never).

I don't see any changes coming in the near future. This can change: people coming over to help the development, or on the other side, something my happen in my life that needs all my attention. I cannot see the future, and I wouldn't want that either.

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