One word about solyxk ...

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One word about solyxk ...

Postby falke » 29 Nov 2015 11:53

Hi, I just wanted to say , I'm very satisfied using Solyxk today.

I like how it looks like, it's very nice and stable.

As Solyd dropped the semi-rolling principe, I was very skeptical... because I came
from linux LTS distros (Ubuntu , then Mint ..) Those were very stable, and I didn't want to have to allready reinstall newer version.

For these reason, and for the reason a disaproved ubuntu newer choices, and disapproved ubuntu based distros, I installed LMDE , but their update pack system did'nt last very long and Was irregular.

So I "landed" on Solyd and his updat-pack system (I was in the meantime about 2 1/2 year on arch with no noticeably bugs, but constantly updates were really tiring :( )

Yet I really want some rest ( :lol: ) and I find stable Debian based distro with the nice looking style of Solyd a good Idee, Firefox and TB and also libreoffice I think are maintained in their newer versions. Development cycle is correct. That's all that matters to me

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