Ubuntu disables on-line searches for 16.04

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Ubuntu disables on-line searches for 16.04

Postby palimmo » 14 Dec 2015 02:28

Will Cooke, an employee at Canonical, the company that develops the Ubuntu distribution, posted a note last week which said future versions of Ubuntu will feature a dash where searches will no longer display on-line search results by default. The dash, which acts as a central location for finding programs, documents and media, has been controversial since it was introduced with on-line searches enabled by default. The Free Software Foundation even referred to the dash's default behaviour as spyware. According to Cooke, the dash will no longer search for on-line items by default, but the feature can be enabled for those who want it. "First of all, on-line search will be off by default. This means that out-of-the-box none of your search terms will leave your computer. You can toggle this back on through the Security & Privacy option in System Settings. Additionally, if you do toggle this back on then results from Amazon & Skimlinks will remain off by default. You can toggle them back on if you wish." The change will take place in Ubuntu 16.04 which will launch in April of 2016.
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