Devuan, Libressl

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Devuan, Libressl

Postby mil3s » 24 Dec 2016 00:23

Hello Community,

I would like to ask two things.

Are there any plans / possibilities for using devuan (debian fork without systemd) under the hood?

When I'm right, there are only two Linux Distro (Void Linix / Alpine Linux) using the much more secure Libressl.
Is it possible / planned to switch to Libressl?

Merry Christmas. ;)
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Re: Devuan, Libressl

Postby kurotsugi » 24 Dec 2016 05:19

the first one is definitely no. solydxk won't use devuan as the base. if you want to use sysvinit you can install it on solydxk. just make sure you installed systemd-shim since many OS function now depends on systemd.

I don't know about libressl on debian. AFAIK, yes, we are using openssl in debian.

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